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Who We Are

On October 28, 1972, Front Range Chapter held its organizational meeting in Broomfield. Mrs. Mitchell Evans, who was Colorado’s State Regent from 1975-1997, suggested the chapter’s name. It was chosen because chapter membership encompasses most of the northern metro Denver Area. These communities enjoy a fabulous view, north to south, of the mountains known as the “Front Range.” A Charter member, Sara Houston Sheriff, wrote a poem entitled I am the Front Range, which the chapter publishes in every yearbook.

The chapter has been honored to have several members serve the State Society as executive officers. Mrs. Maurice Schulte (Carrie) served as Corresponding Secretary from 1985-1987. Mrs. Donald White (Doda) served as State Vice Regent from 1991-1993, and State Regent from 1993-1995. Miss Margaret Schulte served as Librarian from 1995-1997. Mrs. Chris Wayne (Joan) served as State Treasurer from 1989-1991, State Auditor from 1991-1993, State Vice Regent from 1997-1999 and State Regent from 1999-2001. Chapter members held many State and Southwest Division Chairmanships during this time as well.

Front Range Chapter was proud to have Miss Margaret Schulte as the State Outstanding Junior in 1989. Chapter Juniors have served as Pages at both the State and National levels as well as serving on many chapter and state committees.

Several chapter members have also served as officers in the State Officer’s Club, State Chairman’s Club, State Junior Club and State Page Club.

Front Range Chapter has made many contributions to the community. Flags have been given to Campfire and Girl Scout Troops. In 1997, Front Range Chapter donated the first flag flown over the new elementary school in the town of Superior. In 1999, the chapter donated a small scholarship to a Westminster elementary school to help defer expenses of a class trip to Washington, D.C. A contribution was made in 2000 to the Westminster Historical Society to help with publishing costs of a book recording that city’s early history.

Every year the DAR Bronze ROTC medal is given to deserving Cadet in the Adams County District 50 AFJROTC. In 1986, a sixth grade home-schooled student from Broomfield was sponsored in the American History contest, and went on to win the state competition. Ryan Dean, also of Broomfield, was sponsored by the chapter and became the state winner of the American History Scholarship in 1992. The chapter sponsored the state history teacher winner in 1998. The chapter has been proud to honor many chapter winners for the Good Citizen Contest at the Good Citizen and Award Winners luncheon held each spring.

Mr. Donald Critchfield was awarded the DAR Community Service Award in the spring of 1994. At the February 2001 meeting, Miss Shanna Ryan, the Colorado president of the Children of the American Revolution, was awarded the DAR Patriotism Medal for her outstanding academics, extracurricular activities and her statewide community service project, which was the promotion and collection of handmade blankets for donation to Children’s Hospital in Denver.

The chapter has also sponsored Denver’s Horace Mann Middle School students, awarding history certificates and medals for their efforts in the district, State and National levels of the National History Day competitions held in the spring of 1999, 2000 and 2001. Also, in the fall of 2000, the chapter awarded history certificates to Denver School of the Arts students who participated in the Congressional District No. 1’s, “We, the People, Competition on the Constitution and Bill of Rights” held in Denver.

In December of 1997, the chapter celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special meeting and a party. Invitations were sent to all other chapters in the state, as well as state officers and dignitaries. Many guests attended the milestone event, complete with a beautiful anniversary cake.

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I have always typified the spirit of Colorado.  

It was I,
who welcomed the Mountain Men who came,
some to explore the new frontier
and some to hunt and fish.

They appreciated the cool breezes
and the cold streams
that flowed from the
high mountains above me.

Next the gold of Central City
and the silver in Leadville
served to make our state rich.

But my most important contributions to the state
are the trees, the grasslands and
the mountain streams
that feed the ranches and farms
that I hold in my valleys.

The people
who live on the plains to the east
seek my shelter
during the hot summer months. 

I am a very important part
of our great state. 


 Sara Houston Sheriff
(1899-1976)  Charter Member

Regents serving the Front Range chapter are:

Harriette Harper (Mrs. James) 1972-1975

Brenda Hedlund (Mrs. John) 1975-1976

Nancy Regester (Mrs. Robert) 1976

Harriette Harper (Mrs. James) 1976-1977

Leah Materi (Mrs. John) 1977-1979

Virginia Pankow (Mrs. Albert) 1979-1981

*Doda White (Ms.) 1981-1983

Caroline Schulte (Carrie) (Mrs. Maurice) 1983-1985

*Joan Wayne (Mrs. Chris) 1985-1987

Margaret Schulte (Maggie) (Miss) 1987-1989

Barbara Critchfield (Mrs. Donald) 1989-1991

Caroline Schulte (Carrie) (Mrs. Maurice) 1991-193

Susan Ryan (Mrs. Thomas) 2 terms 1993-1997

Janice DeWeese (Mrs. R. D.) 1997-1999

Barbara Beall (Dr.) (Mrs. Howard) 1999-2001

Janice DeWeese (Mrs. R. D.) 2001-2003

Sandra Quintrall (Mrs. Edward) 2 terms 2003-2007

Rawlene LeBaron (Mrs. James Harris) 2007-2009

Denise Clark (Mrs. Robert) 2009-2010

Lisa Mullen (Mrs. Todd) 2010-2013

Barbara Adair (Mrs. Daniel) 2013-2015

Janet Beiner (Mrs. Kenneth) 2015-2017

**Honorary Colorado State Regent






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