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Our Patriot Ancestors

(In order of: surname, first/middle name, birth date and place, death date and
place, service record, first name of wife, maiden name of wife, as data is available.)



  • Alford, Asahel, b. 22 November 1760, Becket, Hampshire, MA, d. , Columbia, Herkimer, NY, Pvt., MA Line, Valley Forge, etc., Prisoner of War, Lydia X
  • Amdt, Jacob, b. 24 March 1726, Baumholder, Germany, d. 3 August 1805, Forks, Northhampton, PA, Member of Assembly 1776 PA, PS, CS,
    (Anna) Elizabeth Geiger
  • Axine, Johannes ("John"), b. ca. 19 September 1739, Loudoun, VA, d. 19 February 1833, Lovettsville, Loudoun, VA, PS, VA, Christena Martz

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  • Badger, Jr., Joseph, b. 23 October 1746, Bradford, MA, d. 15 January 1809, Gilmanton, NH, Captain, NH, Elizabeth Parsons
  • Banks, Ralph, b. 21 October 1757, Granville, NC, d. 24 August 1824, Elbert, GA, Capt., PS, 1780, Rachel Alston Jones
  • Beall, Andrew, Sr., b. , Prince George Co., MD, d. X, MD, Captain, MD, Margaret X
  • Belcher, Nathaniel, b. 19 September 1732, Braintree, MA, d. 11 May 1786/87, E. Randolph, MA, Captain, MA, 1776-1779, Lydia Brackett
  • Bomar, John, b. a. 1749, VA, d. a.22 April 1799, Halifax, VA, PS, VA, Barbary Ann Bush
  • Bostwick, Samuel, b. December 1748, Bedford, Westchester, NY, d. 13 August 1798, Bedford, Westchester, NY, Pvt., Westchester, NY, Militia,
    Dorcas Rockwell
  • Boydston, James, b. 23 September 1747, , Green, PA, d. 6 February 1814, Russellville, Logan, KY, Soldier, Mary Pruitt/Pruett
  • Buckwalter, Daniel, b. X , Chester Co., PA, d. 18 December 1830, Morgantown, Berks, PA, Pvt., Militia, Charlestown Township, Chester Co., PA, Ruth Shainholtz

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  • Clapp, Increase, b. 27 February 1740, Rochester, MA, d. 24 May 1801, Tolland, CT, Corporal, 2nd Roch. Co. Sgt. Sea Coast Co. stationed at
    Wareham, Bethiah Winslow
  • Cobb, Samuel, b. ca. 1761, DE, d. 6 May 1833, Montgomery Co., MO, Pvt., VA Militia, Magdalene Peverley
  • Cox, John, b. 25 July 1739, PA, d. 24 December 1818, , Ashe, NC, Capt, Montgomery Co Militia & Juror, Margaret Davis
  • Crane, Benjamin, b. 20 March 1740, Berkley, Bristol, MA, d. 2 November 1810, Berkley, Bristol, MA, Pvt, MA, under Capt. James Nichols, Col. Edward Pope, Tryphena Hathaway

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  • Danforth, Jonathan, b. 20 July 1745, Hollis, Hillsborough, NH, d. Year 1839, Danville, VT, Capt., CS, NH, Surveyor of highways 1782; Tythingman 1780, Hannah Leeman
  • Dever, Henry, b. About 1745, PA, d. Aft. 21 September 1806, Hardin Co., KY, Pvt., Bedford Co., PA Militia, Elizabeth Miles
  • Dickerson, Thomas L., b. 15 October 1757, VA/PA/MD (E. of Mountains), d. X, Granview, Twp., WA, OH, Pvt., VA; Pt 8th PA Reg't (Valley Forge), Margaret (Peggy) Davis
  • Dickson/ Dixon, Samuel, b. Before 1756, , d. Will 6 May 1813, , IN, PA, Captain, PA Militia, Agness "Nancy" Simpson
  • Dillingham, William, b. 1 September 1735, Sandwich, MA, d. 27 October 1825, Sandwich, MA, Pvt, MA, Hannah West

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  • Floyd, William, b. 17 December 1734, Mastic, Suffolk, NY, d. 4 August 1821, Westerville, Oneida, NY, Col, Militia, NY, Signer Dec. of Indep.,
    Hannah Jones
  • Frederick, Thomas C., b. February 1751, Earl Twp, Lancaster, PA, d. 3 May 1808, Lisbon, Columbiana, OH, PS, Pvt., Hanover Rifle Battalion, PA,
    Ann Margaret Tibbins

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  • Gambill, Martin, b. Abt. 1760, X, d. 20 February 1812, Ashe, Co., NC, Pvt., Sgt., Ens, 1st Lt., Capt, Wilkes Co, NC, Nancy Nall
  • Gibson, John, b. Year 1754, Derry Twp, Franklin, PA, d. 15 May 1828, Xenia, OH, Pvt., PA, Martha Parke
  • Gish, Sr., Christian, b. c. Year 1735, PA, d. year 1796, , Botetourt, VA, Pvt., PA, Sophia Hook (Hock)
  • Grinstead, John, b. Year 1755, VA, d. 13 December 1840, , Hardin, KY, Pvt., PA, Mildred Walton
  • Guthrie, John, b. Year 172_, Near Londonderry Ireland, d. About 1797, Hannastown, Westmoreland, PA, JP & Patriotic Citizen (SC),
    Westmoreland Co., PA, Mary Jane Reed

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  • Hargan, Michael, b. August 1755, Ireland, d. 13 December 1840, , Hardin, KY, Pvt., PA Line, (Mary) Elizabeth Wallinford
  • Harlan, James, b. 2 January 1750, Kennet Twp., Chester Co., PA, d. 13 August 1819, Lancaster Co., PA, Kennett Twp., PA, Militia, 1780; Pvt. Eighth Class, Chester Co., PA Militia, Elizabeth Swayne
  • Harlow, Elijah, b. 16 December 1743, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, d. 6 May 1838, Sackets Harbor, Jefferson, NY, Pvt., Continental Army, MA,
    Patience Drew
  • Hendrickson, John, b. c. 1735, Nottingham, NJ, d. 5 March 1820, Monmouth, NJ, Artl. NJ, Anne Coxe
  • Hervey, Thomas Peyton, b. X, Pro. Northumberland, Co., VA, d. X, Halifax Co. NC, Colonel, Militia, NC, Sarah Ann, Williams
  • Hooper, Absalom, b. c. 1761, Pendelton District SC, d. 9 December 1845, Caney Fork, NC, Pvt., SC, Sarah Salers
  • Hoskins/Haskins, Elkannah, b. 11 September 1741, Tauton, Bristol, MA, d. 28 September 1805, Littleton, Grafton, NH, Sgt., MA (Minuteman), Mindwell Barney
  • Hoyt, Jedediah, b. 23 November 1758, Salisbury, MA, d. November 1840, Concord, NH, Pvt, NH, Hannah Elliott
  • Humphrey, James, b. X, England, d. June 1825, Philadelphia, PA, Pvt., VA, Ailsey X
  • Humphrey, James (John), b. X, England, d. June 1825, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, Pvt., Militia, Philadelphia, PA, Ann Powell Moore
  • Humphrey, Samuel, b. February 1749, Stafford Co., VA, d. 3 August 1840, Fleming Co., KY, Pvt., Philadelphia, Ann Powell Moore
  • Hyatt, Meshach, b. c. 1723, Prince George Co., MD, d. X, Frederick Co., MD, PS, MD (Signed Oath of Fidelity), Sarah Bremefield

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  • Jeffery, James, b. ca. 1732, , Culpepper, VA, d. X, , Culpepper, VA, Pvt., VA, Susannah X
  • Jewett, Ichabod, b. 5 February 1738, Coventry, Windham, CT, d. 1 May 1796, Coventry, Windham, CT, Soldier, CT, Mary Carpenter
  • Jolley, Henry, b. 26 December 1757, Chester, PA, d. 29 July 1842, Jersey, Licking, OH, Pvt, PA, Rachel Ghriest
  • Jordan, Reuben, b. c. 1756, X, d. c. 1817, GA, PS, VA, Ann Howard

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  • Kidder, John, b. X, Bedford, MA, d. 7 September 1828, Bristol, NH, Pvt., NH, Jenny Lind

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  • Lemaster, Benjamin, b. 15 June 1756, , Augusta, VA, d. 16 December 1837, Buck's Garden, Nicolas, W. VA, Pvt, Sgt, 1st VA Reg't, Cont. Line,
    Rebecca Martin

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  • Magruder, Ninian Beall, b. 22 November 1735, Prince George Co., MD, d. 7 May 1810, Columbia Co., GA, PS, MD, Rebecca Young
  • Magruder, III, Samuel, b. 24 February 1708, MD, d. June 1786, Montgomery Co., MD, PS, MD, Margaret Jackson
  • McClung, Joseph (Jr.), b. Abt. 1744, Ireland, d. 3 February 1819, Greenbrier Co., West VA, PS, VA, Margaret Bell
  • McClung, Sr., John, b. Year 1706, Ireland, d. Year 1788, , Rockbridge, Va, PS, VA, Rebecca Stuart
  • McCune, Sr., Samuel, b. , Armagh, Ireland, d. Will 1798, , Augusta, VA, Pvt. PA,
  • McIlvain, Moses, b. Year 1750, , York, PA, d. Will 30 October 1805, , Westmoreland, PA, Pvt., PA, Margaret Larimer
  • McIntire, Charles, b. c. 1720, Prob. Ireland, d. bef. 1800, Randolph Co., NC, Pvt., VA Cont. Line, x Coley
  • McQuaid, Patrick, b. Year 1743, Ireland, d. 24 May 1820, Salem, Westmoreland PA, Pvt., Chester Co, PA, Militia, Catherine Graham
  • Milikan, William, b. c. 1720, Prob. Ireland, d. bef, 1800, Randolph Co., NC, CS, PS, and NC Militia, Jane White
  • Mowry, Gideon, b. 00 1754, Smithfield, Providence, RI, d. 17 May 1830, Locke, Cayuga, NY, Pvt., RI Militia, Nancy Anne Slocum

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  • Orr, William, b. 6 June 1736, Londonderry, Ireland, d. X, KY, Soldier, PA, Catherine Smith

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  • Potts, William, b. Year 1721, , Burlington, NJ, d. 25 July 1783, , Burlington, NJ, PS, Member of Committee of Observation, Berlington, NJ, Amy Borden

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  • Rader, , b. , , d. , , Captain, VA Militia, Anna, Airy
  • Robert, Louis, b. Year 1742, Ft. Chartres, LA, d. 3 February 1802, LA Territory (St. Louis), Pvt, CI Soldier in St. Louis Spanish Militia (Verified as PS LA), Marie Kiercereau
  • Russell, Robert, b. Year 1748, Loudoun Co., VA, d. 22 June 1819, Austintown, Trumbull, OH, Militia Officer, Loudoun Co. VA. Appointed Ensign 1780, Eave (Evalina) Kuzblek

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  • Simpson, Sr., Andrew, b. About 1728, PA, d. About 1790, , Westmoreland, PA, Soldier (Ranger), Westmoreland Co., PA,
  • Spencer, Joseph, b. Year 1745, Orange, Culpepper, VA, d. 27 August 1829, Grant, Pendleton, KY, L. Col., VA,(also Capt.) Culpepper Minute Men Battalion & 7th VA Reg't, Sarah Moore

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  • Wagner, Philip, b. X, Germany, d. X, Pikeland Twp., Chester, PA, Ensign and 2nd Lt., PA, Catherine Leshom
  • Whitford, Joshua, b. 22 November 1731, North Kingston, RI, d. September 1813, Berlin, NY, Pvt. And Ensign, enlisted from Stonington, CT, Prudence Burdick
  • Wilkins, Arabella Smith (Marrow), b. About 1727, , Henrico, VA, d. About 1790, , Mecklenburg, VA, PS, VA - Furnished supplies, Daniel Marrow
  • Wilkins, Charles Smith, b. 26 September 1755, , Lunenburg, VA, d. 12 March 1817, , Rutherford, NC, PS, VA - Furnished supplies,
  • Wilkins, James, b. About 730, , Lunenburg, VA, d. Bef 8 October 1781, , Mecklenburg, VA, Captain, Militia, Mecklenburg First Battalion, Arabella
  • Winfield, Jr., David, b. 17 September 1759, Shawangunk, Ulter, NY, d. 3 March 1839, Shawangunk, Ulster, NY, Pvt., Ulster Co., NY, Militia,
    Syntye Francisca VanVliet

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  • Young, William, II, b. c. 1706, Prince George Co., MD, d. p.20 March 1779, , PS, MD, Eeanor Birckhead

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  • Zeller, Frantz (Francis Paul), b. 8 April 1751, , Berks, PA, d. 3 October 1821, Lebanon, Berks, PA, Sgt., Berks Co., PA, Militia, Elizabeth Aurand

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