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An exciting new Front Range Chapter NSDAR website is currently being built!
We look forward to sharing the new site with you.

Chapter Leadership

Front Range Chapter Officers

Regent Janet Beiner
First Vice Regent Jackie Barnett
Second Vice Regent Connie Spoor
Recording Secretary Erika Gilmore
Chaplain Morgana Meader
Registrar Tambi Gilmore
Assistant Registrar Mary Alice Crowther
Treasurer Cheri Keeter
Assistant Treasurer Sandy Quintrall
Corresponding Secretary Sandy Gilmore
Librarian Ginny Sandifer
Historian Marcie Weiler

Front Range Chapter Chairmen

National Standing Committees
American Heritage Mary Reynolds
American History Jackie Barnett
American Indians Marsha Hix
Americanism Barbara Adair
Children of the American Revolution Cheri Keeter
Commemorative Events Janet Beiner
Community Service ...
Conservation Sandi Bowers
Constitution Week Joyce Thomas
DAR Genealogy Preservation Carrie Olson
DAR Good Citizens Maxine Seyforth
DAR Magazine - American Spirit Sandy Quintrall
DAR Project Patriot Sandy Gilmore
DAR Scholarship Lynda Medlyn
DAR School Marcie Weiler
DAR Service for Veterans Linda Fishel
Genealogical Records Katherine Keahey
Historic Preservation Lynda Medlyn & Jackie Osterhout
Insignia Sheryl Bliss
Junior Membership ...
Lineage Research Sharon Eaton
Literacy Promotion Rita Guzman
Membership Ruth McKinney & Diana Heyder
National Defense Joan LaGrone
President General's Annette Thompson
Protocol Barbara Dalton
Public Relations & Media Morgana Meader
The Flag of the United States Alison Kreuger
Volunteer Genealogists Tambi Gilmore
Volunteer Information Specialists Lisa Mullen
Women's Issues ...
National Special Committees
Celebrate America! Jackie Barnett & Alison Kreuger
Patriot Records Project ...
Chapter Appointments
Auditor ...
Parliamentarian Sandra Quintrall
Chapter Standing Committees
Bylaws Erika Gilmore
Finance & Budget Cheri Keeter
Newsletter Sandy Gilmore
Programs Connie Spoor & Nancy Skeels
Sunshine Nancy Skeels
Yearbook Jackie Barnett



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August 8, 2015